“Survey and test a prospective action before undertaking it. Before you proceed,
step back and look at the big picture, lest you act rashly on raw impulse.”

—Epictetus (55—135 A.D.), Ancient Greek Stoic Philosopher

Let your long game reign supreme. Learn to think of the numerous events, tasks, and responsibilities of each day in the broader context of your long-term purpose and goals. Never imagine anything as an isolated event. Instead, think far ahead, and imagine how every action you take and every word you articulate is either undermining or advancing your ultimate future success. Learn to control your impulses and develop the discipline necessary to shun those things that may offer some temporary satisfaction, but ultimately damage or threaten your long-term success.


In this episode of the Classic Influence Podcast we explore the power of time horizons and the remarkable benefits of orienting your life around the long view. Drawing on the life story of Cesare Borgia and his father, Pope Alexander VI, as well as the research of former Harvard professor of political science, Edward Banfield, we also highlight the dangers of failing to implement this essential mental frame, and three key application tools for helping to ensure your success. Finally, you’ll discover the single most critical secret of self-discipline.


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  1. Discover how operating from a long-term time horizon can improve your decisions, impacting virtually everything you do.
  2. Complete the time horizon self-assessment tool and examine the 4 key areas you can leverage to accelerate your success.
  3. Explore the Long View Hall of Fame and gain wisdom and insight into modeling the masters of the long game.
  4. Discover 4 proven methods for expanding your time orientation, further unleashing your capacity to make your mark.
  5. Learn the secret to improving each and every one of your day-today decisions.
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Saturate Your Mind with a Lifelong Orientation to Time: Cesare Borgia’s Fight to Rise
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