Mastering Influence

Classic Influence: Mastering the Art and Science of Influence

Timeless Lessons from the Legends of Leadership, Power, Hustle, and Grit
Your ability to master the art of influence is the number one most critical factor on the path to power, winning relationships, and success. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a CEO, a politician or a preacher, a student or a teacher, or whether you simply want to tap more of your potential power, build stronger relationships, and find greater success, your ability to master the power of influence is indispensable to getting the outcomes you desire. If you can influence people and events, you can help shape the way people see and perceive the world, and how they think and act as a result. There is no more powerful force. It was influence that helped Lincoln to end slavery and it was influence that allowed Arnold Schwarzenegger–who had no political experience–to become the Governor of California. Influence was behind the success of everyone from Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi, to P.T. Barnum, Theodore Roosevelt, and Huey Long. And it is influence that will enable you to achieve more, attract the people you desire, earn more money and have greater success in virtually every area of your life. In short, if you learn to become a master of influence, you can have more of the things you want for yourself and your family and your friends, and less of what you don’t want. You can have more control over your own life and help others to have more control over theirs. Influence is the master key to success. Learn more