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Strategists rule the world.

Time and again, history bears witness to how the cunning application of strategic acumen emerges as the defining factor of success.

Now, from Harvard-and-Columbia-trained-researcher Dr. Johnny Welch, drawing on thousands of hours of rigorous research and over a decade of experience teaching graduate courses on leadership and strategy, comes The Strategist Code: The Timeless System of the Titans of Strategy. Distilled from the shared wisdom and insights of the most crafty and shrewd strategic minds in history, this book is your blueprint for becoming a master strategist. Through Napoleon Bonaparte’s 4-Part, 16-Factor Framework for Strategic Mastery—the ultimate roadmap you need to succeed in today’s warp-speed world of fierce competition and chaotic change—you will learn the secrets of history’s master strategists. You will discover the wisdom and insights, the tactics and tools of the titans of strategy and how they exploited the Strategist Code to command and conquer the world.

  • DISCOVER the secrets of the strategist mindset and how to marshal it to outmaneuver and outshine those with deeper pockets, greater resources, and better intelligence.
  • GAIN greater awareness and insight into the power of disciplined, strategic thinking and, drawing on the wisdom of President Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis, learn how to think critically under pressure, improving decisions, actions, and results.
  • DEVELOP a deeper understanding and new insights into the connection between unlearning, creative rethinking, and game-changing strategy; and how early adopters and innovative, pioneering, and experimental thinkers invariably accrue decisive strategic advantages.
  • RECOGNIZE the surprising power but, often, imprudent resistance to simplicity; why it is a critical success factor in war, politics, business and sports and how best to exploit its power without losing what is essential, meaningful, or distinct.
  • DISCOVER the cardinal principle of strategic success and why Napoleon Bonaparte was obsessed with it.
  • LEARN the formula for forging the synergistic strength of mutually assured success to gain a level of power and influence beyond what any independent leader, entrepreneur, or solo-operator could ever hope to expect.
  • IDENTIFY the pivotal importance of agility to the success of great strategists and the critical tactics to employ to best exploit its power.
  • UNDERSTAND the supreme importance of effective strategy execution, and drawing on the example of Captain Henry Morgan, discover the seven keys to successfully execute your strategy and ensure the realization of your ultimate chief purpose and goals.

And much more…Gain the strategic edge you need to succeed. Get your copy of The Strategist Code now and begin your journey to becoming a Master Strategist today.

Mastering the Power of Grit: STRATEGIES, TACTICS, AND TOOLS FROM THE HEROES OF TENACITY, RESILIENCE, AND GUTS: Timeless Lessons from the Legends of Making Things Happen and Getting Things Done by Johnny Welch.
Are you struggling to achieve your dreams and goals? Do you get frustrated or discouraged, or find it difficult to bounce back? Do you find yourself giving up too often or too soon? You’re not alone. And there is still hope.
Grounded in rich, revealing stories from the heroes of history, Mastering the Power of Grit unearths the timeless lessons learned from the legends of grit, and the corresponding strategies, tactics, tips and tools you can use to master the power of grit to achieve your own most daring dreams and goals. In Mastering the Power of Grit, you will:
  • DISCOVER the secret weapon of the great hustlers and heroes of history.
  • UNDERSTAND how to master the power of grit and its seven essential elements.
  • LEARN Lincoln’s secrets for overcoming obstacles, resistance, rejection and defeat.
  • EXPLORE Roosevelt’s system for becoming exceptional at whatever you determine to do.
  • GAIN practical wisdom and insight from the stories of the superstars of success.
  • LEVERAGE the surprising insights these legends reveal about what you need to succeed.
  • MASTER the strategies, tactics and tools distilled from the celebrated champions of grit.
With the wisdom and insight of this indispensable book as your guide, you will discover the transformational power of grit. You will learn how to develop the most critical elements of grit—all distilled from the illustrious legends of grit, the hustlers and heroes and superstars of success—including the key characteristics, competencies, and skills you need to achieve your own most daring dreams and goals. Begin your journey now. Check out the book’s page on Amazon, and begin Mastering the Power of Grit today!
The Magic of Assuming Command

Master The Magic of Assuming Command, and put yourself on the fast track to power, influence, high-achievement and success.

Are you tired of slogging down the slow road to the life you desire? Do you feel like someone or something is holding you back, but you’re not sure how or why? Imagine you’re capable of much more than you’re currently realizing… In The Magic of Assuming Command, Harvard and Columbia trained researcher, Dr. Johnny Welch—a recognized authority on leadership, power and influence—reveals the strategies, tactics, and conceptual tools of assuming command, wisdom and insights unearthed from the champions and heroes of history, all of which can help you to live an extraordinary life. This system is designed to help you achieve your own most daring dreams and goals. Follow the blueprint in this book and you will:
  • MASTER the mindset of assuming command, and reap the rewards of increased influence and power.
  • DISCOVER the unusually uncommon, yet richly rewarded starting point of success.
  • LEARN how to identify and destroy the limiting beliefs and assumptions that hold you back.
  • GAIN vital insights into the key makeup of the champion mindset.
  • EXPLORE Theodore Roosevelt’s strategies for stealing the initiative, and accruing power, and learn how you can apply his insights in your own area of practice.
  • DISCOVER the most dangerous and unexpected mistakes people make when attempting to assume command or seize power.
  • UNDERSTAND John F. Kennedy’s tactics, tips, and psychological tricks for overcoming obstacles, pushing past resistance, controlling the narrative, and toppling the status quo.
  • LEARN how to exploit the vast potential power of asking for what you want by learning to develop and leverage the bullet-proof ask.
  • RECOGNIZE and gain a new understanding of the threat that cultural and societal influences pose to your success, and how to rewrite the rules, and overcome the customs and norms that constrict your thinking, limit your options, and, ultimately, undermine your purpose and goals.
Grounded in rich, revealing stories from the heroes of history, this indispensable guide will help you unlock your true potential, seize control of your destiny, and leverage the distinct power of assuming command. Begin your journey now. Check out the book’s page on Amazon, and begin mastering The Magic of Assuming Command today!
Classic Influence Podcast_Timeless Lessons from the Legends_Learn from the Wisdom of History with Your Host Dr. Johnny Welch, M.B.A.

Classic Influence explores the timeless lessons learned from the legends of influence, leadership, and power. Listen in as your host—the Harvard and Columbia trained researcher, author and speaker, Dr. Johnny Welch—works to unearth the wisdom and insights of the hustlers and heroes of history to discover the strategies, tactics, tips and tools you can use to master the power of influence to achieve your own most daring dreams and goals.

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One of the most fundamental principles of success is to have enough humility to quickly and easily acknowledge when you don’t know what to do, and then get the help you need to do it. Our goal here at Classic Influence is to help you do it. We want to see you achieve your greatest ambitions and goals, and we’re convinced that the wisdom and insight from the legends and heroes of history and the champions of high achievement today can play an instrumental role in your own future success. Subscribe to the Classic Influence Podcast (available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, CastBox, etc.) and find out for yourself what people like John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander the Great, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson, Napoleon, and so many others might have to say to you about where you are on your own hero’s journey to the top. For more information about the individual episodes, as well as additional articles, and resources check out the following links:
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  10. BOOKS: Finally, please help support our work, and pickup a copy of Dr. Johnny Welch’s books on Amazon.
Mastering Grit_ Learn the Strategies, Tactics, and Tools from the Heroes of Tenacity, Resilience, and Guts

Mastering the Power of Grit Infographic Poster

The great legends and heroes of history have virtually all been marked by grit. They have all had to withstand countless setbacks, crushing rejection, distressing attacks and sometimes even devastating defeat in pursuit of their dreams. Develop an inner core of fortitude and resilience, foster a mindset of optimism and growth, equip yourself for an onslaught of obstacles and adversity in advance and you will begin to understand that this was their secret weapon of success. Learn all this and more…timeless lessons from the legends of grit, wisdom and insight from the heroes of history…in the new book, Mastering the Power of Grit, and this companion poster guide available now for free
The Magic of Assuming Command Guidebook

The Magic of Assuming Command Guidebook:

This fully illustrated supplemental guide—ideal for leading a mastermind or book study group, as well as your own individual development—is packed with useful exercises and activities, cheat sheet summaries for each chapter, a self-assessment tool, a collection of compelling stories to further illustrate the key strategies, tactics and tools in this book, and much more—all designed to help you further master this material and accelerate your success. Claim your free copy of The Magic of Assuming Command Guidebook now:
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