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Mastering the Power of Grit

Are you struggling to achieve your dreams and goals? Do you get frustrated or discouraged, or find it difficult to bounce back? Do you find yourself giving up too often or too soon? You’re not alone. And there is still hope.

Grounded in rich, revealing stories from the heroes of history, Mastering the Power of Grit unearths the timeless lessons learned from the legends of grit, and the corresponding strategies, tactics, tips and tools you can use to master the power of grit to achieve your own most daring dreams and goals.


Mastering the Power of Grit: Strategies, Tactics, and Tools from the Heroes of Tenacity, Resilience, and Guts. Grit is the great game changer on the road to personal transformation, high-achievement, excellence and success. Virtually all of the great hustlers and heroes of history have been marked by grit.

In Mastering the Power of Grit, you will:

  • Discover the secret weapon of the great hustlers and heroes of history.
  • Understand how to master the power of grit and its seven essential elements.
  • Learn Lincoln’s secrets for overcoming obstacles, resistance, rejection and defeat.
  • Explore Roosevelt’s system for becoming exceptional at whatever you determine to do.
  • Gain practical wisdom and insight from the stories of the superstars of success.
  • Leverage the surprising insights these legends reveal about what you need to succeed.
  • Master the strategies, tactics and tools distilled from the celebrated champions of grit.

With the wisdom and insight of this indispensable book as your guide, you will discover the transformational power of grit. You will learn how to develop the most critical elements of grit—all distilled from the illustrious legends of grit, the hustlers and heroes and superstars of success—including the key characteristics, competencies, and skills you need to achieve your own most daring dreams and goals.

Begin your journey now. Check out the book’s page on Amazon, and begin Mastering the Power of Grit today!


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The Classic Influence Podcast explores the timeless lessons learned from the legends of influence, leadership, power, persuasion, charisma, hustle and grit. Whether you work in business or politics, education or entertainment, or whether you simply want to tap more of your potential and find greater success, your ability to master the power of influence is indispensable to getting the outcomes you desire. Influence is the master key to success. Grounded in rigorous research, backed by compelling stories from history’s heroes and today’s superstars of success, this show is based on the idea that, as Isaac Newton once said, we can see further by standing on the shoulders of giants. “Look back over the past,” wrote Marcus Aurelius, “…and you can foresee the future too.” Drawing on his graduate school training at San Diego State and Harvard, as well as his training and experience as a qualitative researcher at Columbia, where he now teaches, Johnny Welch (author of Mastering the Power of Grit) reveals the most critical patterns and themes that surface in the research of those who have mastered the power of influence—champions and heroes who stand as timeless legends of leadership, power, hustle and grit. Listen in as we work to unearth the wisdom and insights of the hustlers and heroes of history to discover the strategies, tactics, tips and tools you can use to master the power of influence to achieve your own most daring dreams and goals.

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Hugh Sidey tells the story of how Senator John F. Kennedy, when he was running for president in 1961, repeatedly promised to “get America moving again.” The morning after his inauguration a small, jubilant group of his closest staff met in the Oval Office to celebrate his victory. The staff soon departed leaving President Kennedy alone. Within a few minutes, Kennedy picked up the phone and called his aide, Ralph Dungan, back into the Oval Office. When Dungan diffidently entered, a wide grin spread across Kennedy’s face as he asked: “What do I do now?”

It is a question we all ask ourselves at times—even if you’re the guy in the most powerful office in the world, even if you’re JFK. The critical thing is to not give up, but rather to find a solution, or a friend or advisor who can share the solution with you. The secret is to have enough humility to quickly and easily acknowledge when you don’t know what to do—and then get the help you need to do it.

Our goal here is to help you do it. We want to see you achieve your dreams and goals, and we’re convinced that the wisdom and insight from the heroes of history and the champions of the world today can play an instrumental role in your future success. Subscribe to the Classic Influence Podcast on iTunes and find out for yourself what people like John F. Kennedy, Theodore Roosevelt, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander the Great, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie Robinson, Napoleon, and so many others might have to say to you about your own personal journey to the top. For more information about the individual episodes, as well as additional articles, and resources check out the following links:

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