“There is but one great password to success—self-reliance.”
—William George Jordan (1864—1928),
Early American Self-Development Author,
and Former Editor of The Saturday Evening Post

Self-reliance is the bedrock of success. The less you rely on others, the more freedom and autonomy you have, the less encumbered you are from pursuing your grand aspirations and goals. With self-reliance you project strength and power, which attracts others like gravity into your world. Without self-reliance people assume weakness, neediness, vulnerability or a lack of self-control. Of course you can go even further working together with others. Interdependence is indeed superior to independence—only a fool would dispute that. But you cannot work together with others without being independent and self-reliant first. Indeed, it is your sufficient mastery of self-reliance that enables you to effectively enter into collaborative relationships, and to leave those relationships when they no longer bear fruit.


Exploring the roots of Cornelius Vanderbilt’s early success as a budding titan in the transportation industry, this episode of the Classic Influence Podcast is designed to enhance your understanding, and deepen your appreciation for the importance of self-reliance to your success. Drawing on the wisdom of some of the early self-help thinkers, this episode will also help you to gain a better understanding of how a lack of independence, autonomy, and self-will can leave you weak and vulnerable, ultimately stunting your growth, and undermining your efforts to succeed.


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  1. Discover how building your career on a bedrock of self-reliance can help to catapult you beyond the traps that ensnare most people, and keep them from achieving their dreams.
  2. Assess where you stand on the self-reliance continuum, and identify specific areas you can exploit to expand and accelerate your autonomy, independence, and success.
  3. Learn to exploit the power of assuming extreme ownership and how this mindset is essential to unleashing your true, untapped potential.
  4. Survey the self-reliance hall of fame and uncover some of the key recurring themes you can use to emulate the exemplars of independence, self-sufficiency, and self-control.
  5. Discover the five essential pillars of self-reliance, a treasure map of wisdom and insight you can leverage to elevate yourself above the weak, vulnerable, and dependent masses.
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