"You become mature when you become the authority of your own life."

—Joseph Campbell, Author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces


Examining the extraordinary experience and soaring example of President Abraham Lincoln, this episode of the Classic Influence Podcast explores one of the vital, indispensable prerequisites of success. Unmasking the secret behind the greatness of legendary leaders like Lincoln, this episode also reveals how people are so often duped into giving their power away. You will also discover how the ultimate ownership mindset leads directly to the power and strength you need to achieve your ultimate dream.

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  1. Learn how to reframe the way your brain organizes and conceptualizes your beliefs so that they are more directly under your control.
  2. Assess how your self-belief stacks up so you can identify the most crucial areas to develop to optimize your potential for success.
  3. Develop powerful mental tools for training your brain; including eliminating defective mental triggers, and creating new, more resourceful mental scripts.
  4. Uncover the hidden truths about the power of repetition, emotion, mantras, flooding, and other age-old methods of influence you can exploit to reprogram your brain.
  5. Discover the 5 timeless tactics and mental tools you can employ to develop truly unshakeable self-belief.
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Assume Ultimate Ownership, Embrace Radical Responsibility as a Rule: President Lincoln Pays the Ultimate Price