CIP 025.

Mine the Miners, Create Don't Consume: The Pioneering Producers of the California Gold Rush

Classic-Influence-Podcast-(CIP-025)_Mine-the-Miners—Create-Don’t-Consume_The-Pioneering-Producers-of-the-California-Gold Rush(Producer-Mentality)

The California Gold Rush led to the largest mass migration in U.S. history. From all over the world, men came to mine their fortunes. But it wasn’t the gold that led to the most enduring fortunes. In this episode of the Classic Influence Podcast, we’ll travel back to Sacramento Valley in the mid-1800s, meet a few of the pioneering producers of the Gold Rush Era, and explore the vital wealth building mindset these icons helped unveil. Listen in now and discover a far more resourceful mental map for looking out at the world. This episode also reveals the secret formula for success direct from California’s first millionaire.

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