CIP 026.

Escalate Your Commitment, Burn Your Ships: Hernando Cortés Conquers the Aztec Empire

Classic-Influence-Podcast-(CIP-026)_Escalate-Your-Commitment, Burn Your Ships_Hernando-Cortes-(Inescapable-Commitment)

In 1518, in defiance of the greatest empire on earth, the Spanish conquistador and explorer, Hernando Cortés, risked everything in pursuit of his goal, including his reputation, his wealth, and his life. Despite the grave risks and considerable forces allied against him, Cortés, with one bold stroke, turned the tide of events in his favor. Listen in now as we uncover the pivotal incident in the life of this notorious Spanish conqueror, and extract the key lesson we can learn from his example. Drawing on a parallel incident in the life of Alexander the Great, this episode of the Classic Influence Podcast also details the vital importance of purpose and renunciation, and how we often need nearly impossible challenges in order to unearth and mobilize our greatest inner resources and personal power.

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