Spur and Accelerate Your Success
with this Tough, Timeless Memory Tool

Engraved with the key symbols, quotes, and principles from The Magic of Assuming Command, this thick, 2-inch, genuine silver and gold-plated coin is the perfect, portable memory tool to help you recollect the chief lessons learned, and keep the success strategies, tactics, and mental tools of assuming command fresh in your mind.

The practice of using a coin as a memory tool can be traced back to the ancient Greeks. In Athens, these coins—small pieces of hard, flat, rounded clay or metal, stamped with symbols, slogans, or names—were used by the military to help soldiers keep their purpose and principles foremost in their minds. These coins often led to increased focus, and a greater sense of mission and unity.

The power of these concepts has withstood the test of time. In fact, given the chaotic world we live in today, systems and tools like this are often at a premium. We are simply flooded with data and information, and increasingly lack knowledge and wisdom as a result. In fact, given the warp-speed world we live in today, people are now more likely than ever to read a great book, listen to a riveting talk, or participate in a premier training and development program, but then quickly forget all that they learned—never mind taking time to reflect and evaluate and integrate the key lessons learned, wisdom and insight that, if actively applied, would make a fundamental, enduring difference in their lives.

And, yet, using a simple, but effective learning or memory tool can be tremendously useful in overcoming these problems. In fact, the right tool can train your focus on the essential insights and lessons learned. It can help to jog your memory, cue your thinking, and spur you into action. An effective tool used effectively can even direct your unconscious mind to be alert to opportunities to apply the new strategies, tactics, and tools you discover.

This is the purpose of this timeless learning tool—not just to help you retain what you’ve learned in this book, the key wisdom and insights unearthed from the heroes of history, but also to help you assimilate these ideas, build on them, apply them, and, ultimately, expand and accelerate your success.

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