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Exploit the Hidden Power of Simplicity: Alexander the Great Fulfills the Prophecy of the Gordian Knot

Wisdom of History from Alexander the Great (Classic Influence—Episode #044 (Simplicity) Exploit the Hidden Power of Simplicity: Alexander the Great Fulfills the Prophecy of the Gordian Knot
Alexander the Great was one of the greatest military leaders in history. Across a wide array of different terrains, facing a range of diverse enemy forces, often 2 or 3 times the size of the Macedonian army, Alexander, not once defeated in battle, ultimately conquered the known world and built an empire the likes of which no one had ever before seen. What’s more, he did all of this a long, long way from home. And he did it all before age 33. Listen in and learn one of the core principles of his success.
Episode Overview: A brilliant military strategist and tactician, Alexander the Great stands as one of the greatest figures in history. Alexander the Great was far from the typical military or political leader, however. He was a critical thinker who, like many of his leading Greek contemporaries, prized clear, rational, and creative thinking. Alexander did not hesitate to engage in critical reflection and self-examination, challenging biases, questioning assumptions, allowing for reasoned, respectful critiques. He never simply accepted things as they were, or appeared to be. In this episode of Classic Influence, we travel back to ancient Gordian to learn of one of the earliest legends in Alexander’s storied military career. This episode also explores one of the key secrets to Alexander’s success. Explored from the perspective of ancient philosophers, modern business titans, and one of the most brilliant scientists that ever lived, Albert Einstein, and one of the most celebrated coaches in the NFL, Vince Lombardi, this episode also reveals the near universal power of simplicity, and why this critical principle of success is so often underestimated, underutilized, and undersold.

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