CIP 040.

Get Leverage, Change the Calculus: The Crafty and Courageous Roma and the Birth of Ancient Rome

CIP 040. Get Leverage. Change the Calculus.
The ancient Greek’s story of the founding of Rome tells the tale of Roma, the crafty and courageous Trojan noble woman, and how, after surviving a violent voyage at sea, she used leverage to force the Trojans to establish the ancient city on the banks of the Tiber River. In this episode of Classic Influence, we’ll travel back to the birth of ancient Rome, get a glimpse of the tremendous power of leverage in achieving a challenging aim, and explore various ways you can put the power of leverage into play.
Episode Overview: In the 12 century B.C., after the ancient city of Troy fell following the Greek’s cunning trick with the Trojan Horse, a number of Trojans escaped with a fleet of ships. After years of wandering in search of a new home, the Trojans endured a particularly treacherous episode of violent weather and rough waves in the Mediterranean, a storm which nearly destroyed their fleet. When they finally landed on the banks of the Tiber River to take shelter, the women soon decided that they had had enough of the aimless wandering. The men, however, were intent on returning to the ships and continuing with their mission as soon as the storm passed. According to Virgil, what the women did next altered the course of Western history. Listen to this episode of Classic Influence now and discover how a crafty and courageous use of leverage won the day for the women and changed the future of ancient Rome. This episode also reveals some of the most useful ways of thinking about leverage, how leverage can heighten your odds of success, and a handful of simple, easy-to-implement examples of leverage that you can adapt to your own goals in support of your own effort and will to succeed.

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