CIP 039.

Find Courage Under Fire—Count the Costs, Then Forge Ahead: General George S. Patton’s Greatest Nightmare and Moment of Truth

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A charismatic, courageous, and flamboyant hero of World War II, General George Patton was the personification of ruthless drive and the relentless will to win. And, yet, a look at an episode early in his military career reveals a man who struggled with self-doubt and fear. In this episode of Classic Influence, we’ll travel back to WWI to reveal just how firm a grip fear had over Patton’s mind, and how his willingness to accept the distinct likelihood of death forever changed the arc of his destiny.
Episode Overview: On September 26, 1918, in the midst of World War I, George S. Patton’s moment of testing had arrived. Patton was leading a light tank brigade up a hill overlooking a German occupied town when he was suddenly face-to-face with his greatest fear. What happened next changed Patton’s life forever, transforming him from what he himself referred to as “an utter, craven coward,” into the great 4-Star General, “Old Blood and Guts,” widely revered as an audacious hero of World War II. Listen in and discover what happened to Patton when he and his men were trapped in a hailstorm of machine-gun fire, how he responded to the panic inducing barrage of racing bullets that surrounded him, and the key takeaway lesson he shares about finding courage under fire. Highlighting the nexus between courage and rapid growth, this episode of the Classic Influence Podcast also reveals Patton’s strategy for keeping his fears forever in check.

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