CIP 002.

Select Yourself. Decide for Yourself that You Have What It Takes: John F. Kennedy's Campaign for President

Episode Overview: In this episode of the Classic Influence Podcast, we look at John F. Kennedy’s decision to run for President, the pushback he faced from within his own party, and the lessons we can learn from his response, including the critical importance of being the master of your own fate.

Too often, people make the mistake of mindlessly allowing others to limit their possibilities, or dictate and control their path to power and success. But success demands that you become the author of your own fate. Don’t wait to be asked or selected. Don’t wait for permission, or assume you can’t go for the top. Instead, choose yourself. Decide for yourself that you have the qualifications and experience you need to succeed. Hustlers don’t wait to be chosen. They don’t wait for permission. They don’t wait to be selected, discovered or found. They select themselves, and they act.

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