“There is no value judgment more important, no factor more decisive in your psychological
development and motivation, than the estimate you pass on yourself.”

—Nathaniel Branden, Self-Esteem at Work

Self-belief is the chief distinguishing factor between winners and losers. And, yet, beliefs can change. Beliefs need not be based on objective truth, but still must be fertilized and nurtured to grow, and, often, periodically reinforced to remain strong. Do not settle for the toxic, weak, and inferior beliefs you mindlessly picked up from prior experience or past programming. Instead, select the beliefs about yourself that you want to have. Then, use proven strategies, tactics, and tools to cultivate these beliefs, ensuring you have what you need to succeed.


Drawing on the experience and beliefs of Napoleon Bonaparte and his “lucky star,” this episode of the Classic Influence Podcast examines the extraordinary power that becomes yours through simple self-belief. Grounded in the success literature and the academic literature in positive psychology, you will also learn strategies and tactics you can adapt to develop your own unshakeable self-belief, the indispensable prerequisite for achieving your greatest ambitions and goals.


Do you want to discover more of the wisdom and insights gained from the heroes of self-belief? If so, don’t miss this episode’s free bonus supplement! Download the free CIP 015 Resource Guide and begin to tap the surprising power of deep, unshakeable self-belief, accelerating your journey to your most daring dreams and goals. Included in this issue:

  1. Learn how to reframe the way your brain organizes and conceptualizes your beliefs so that they are more directly under your control.
  2. Assess how your self-belief stacks up so you can identify the most crucial areas to develop to optimize your potential for success.
  3. Develop powerful mental tools for training your brain; including eliminating defective mental triggers, and creating new, more resourceful mental scripts.
  4. Uncover the hidden truths about the power of repetition, emotion, mantras, flooding, and other age-old methods of influence you can exploit to reprogram your brain.
  5. Discover the 5 timeless tactics and mental tools you can employ to develop truly unshakeable self-belief.
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Napoleon Bonaparte’s Lucky Star
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