“A man’s worth is no greater than his ambitions.”
—Marcus Aurelius (121—180 A.D.), Ancient Roman Emperor

Ambition is like a wild horse. It can be a powerful source of energy, strength and courage, the horsepower that drives and energizes you to achieve a fantastic life. And like a wild horse, ambition must be fed and nurtured to thrive. But it is not until a horse is bridled, saddled and trained that it can become a true champion. Learn to cultivate, control and direct your ambition in ways that provide value—this is both the beginning of success and the path to a meaningful life.


In this episode of the Classic Influence Podcast we examine the role and importance of ambition in your success, and how misguided social norms can unintentionally sabotage your best efforts. Looking to the example of Arnold Schwarzenegger, and drawing on the wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr., this episode also serves as a sort of call to arms for you to raise the bar and reexamine your focus in light of your true, perhaps hidden, aspirations.


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  5. Learn how to overcome resistance and get refocused on your true, perhaps hidden, aspirations and goals.
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